“Walter Wolff något nytt och fräscht på spåren”
Mats Liljeroos HBL

“This album is bound to be a collectors item”
Jazzbulletin (about “Tomorrow”)

“Walter Wolff created a document which deviates an makes a difference. ”
Jazzenzo (about “Tomorrow”)

“4.5 Stars: Even more than on the last album, the tension is being built up very subtile, and the themes of the own compositions are worked out beautifully with improvisations of the leader. ”
Jazzism (about “Tomorrow”)

“The marvelous ebb and flow of the album keeps the ear hooked, without ever having to resort to drama or fireworks, and set against strong melodies that stick around even after the song is over, that’s why I made the album one of my eMusic Jazz Picks, and why I’m expanding on the album here.”
Birdistheworm (about “Tomorrow”)

“In early 2013 jazz pianist Walter Wolf  announced that he would no longer be performing as a professional jazz pianist. This doesn’t go without leaving some remarkable musical trails”

“Walter has impressed me from the first day I heard him play. I sensed his seriousness, his dedication to the music. Walter is playing as a servant of the music, not to jubilate his own ego. This touched me, and still touches me. I am proud that he was able to give us this wonderful album. The music remains”
Hein van de Geyn, producer

“Då det balanserade låtmaterialet är genomgående starkt och musikernas solistiska bidrag angelägna, kan man räkna skivan som ett betydande bidrag till floran av nutida pianotriojazz.”
J­E Holmberg HBL

“An excellent contemporary trio”  Ronald Atkins, (UK)

“Wolff’s solos are never less than sharply lyrical”  Scott Verrastro, (UK)