Walter Wolff Helsinki, February 2013

Dear all,

I regret to announce that due to health problems I am now retiring as a pianist and active performing artist.

This is a difficult decision to make but in my case absolutely necessary and there is unfortunately no way around it. I will however stay in the musical field, exactly in what form still remains to be seen, but I will keep you posted on that.

Together with this message I do have other news as well and that is that the CD I recorded one year ago is now released on Challenge Jazz. The CD is called Tomorrow. It is a piano trio CD recorded together with two of my absolute favorite musicians, Francesco Angiuli on bass and Andreas Fryland on drums, and I am very proud and happy to still have been able to record this.

Being literally one of the very last things I played it is of course an emotional recording for me, but I see it as a symbol and reminder that the music still is there and always will be so, and that is a heart-warming thought. I am therefore very happy to present it to you and I sincerely hope that you will like it. The CD is available online a.o here and at jazz record stores.

With these words I would like to thank all wonderful musicians I have had the pleasure and privilege to work and share many unforgettable musical experiences with during the past years. Thank you also to my students and colleagues at the conservatory and music school for many great musical moments, good laughs and interesting discussions. And last but not least you, the audience and listener, for coming to the concerts, buying and listening to the CD’s, showing your appreciation and sharing your enthusiasm about the music. It has meant the world to me.

Thank you and until soon!

Walter Wolff Helsinki, February 2013


Walter Wolff / Francesco Angiuli / Andreas Fryland – “Tomorrow”


Walter Wolff – piano
Francesco Angiuli – double bass
Andreas Fryland – drums

1. Backstabber Bebopper
2. Tomorrow
3. The White Guy
4. Spark
5. Jean
6. Simple Line
7. Look at My Face
8. Second Song
9. Morava
10.Waiting for Angela
11.Where are we Going Heen?